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Server Crash & Recovery

One of our web server’s disks went bad earlier today and deleted some of the files, causing search results page to not show up properly. Website has been restored from backup and seems to be working fine now. We’re checking … Continue reading

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Hooray, is  finally out of beta after 10 months of development and testing.  While in our beta, we’ve implemented and tested numberous updates to our engine, focusing primarily on ease-of-use and making search more effective: We’ve added more than … Continue reading

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Better Spam/Scam protection with SpamHaus and Project HoneyPot

It’s been tough 3 weeks since some major spammers / scammers targeted Classifieds for their attacks. Well… not anymore. We’re happy to announce that Claz is now integrated with SpamHaus Project and Project HoneyPot – the two major platforms … Continue reading

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Duplicate Listings is now filtering duplicate listings, hiding results which were posted by the same person on multiple websites. You can still enable duplicate listings by clicking “Show All”  link:   Thanks to Satbeachbill for reporting the issue  

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Moving to new data platform

Claz is moving to the new data platform – for faster searches and to support our growing database… If the plan goes right, the move will be completed on Friday night and shall not impact Claz users. If you occasionally … Continue reading

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Cleaning up trash posts

During the past several days I’ve received numerous complaints from the users regarding the decreasing quality of classified ads : some ads are tripping their antivirus alerts other ads are showing “forbidden” error page when opened others ads are redirecting … Continue reading

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Added “Writing Jobs” section

Moved Writing Jobs content to separate section. Now working on adding more RSS feeds / reorganizing existing feeds to populate this section.

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