Craiglook 1.03 is released

Available at

New cool features :

  • price and picture filters,
  • “Neighborhood search” – see results in nearby cities by IP address,
  • better bookmarking – can now bookmark individual posts,
  • Skype integration,
  • “forward” – you can now send bookmarks to your friends or to your mailbox,
  • “reply to poster” – no longer blocked by mail filters,
  • 2x more results per page,
  • new visual theme,
  • announcements and blogs sections 1.02 - Home Page 1.03 - Home Page

Craiglook 1.02 - search results

Craiglook 1.03 - search page


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One Response to Craiglook 1.03 is released

  1. robert says:

    As a dealer we used your site to buy off of craigslist to save money over going to the auction. Its a same they shut that down.

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