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Craiglook Shutdown =

Dear users, has been renamed by demand from    I have also removed all RSS feeds to Craigslist and links to Craigslist content. The RSS search engine has now moved to to As one of about 1 … Continue reading

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What is Craiglook is a useful RSS mashup for Craigslist. Here are some features that help craiglook to make big difference when it comes to searching/browsing craigslist 1. Search radiusSay, I'm an average Joe looking for a car. With craigslist, I go … Continue reading

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Craiglook 1.07 is out

Craiglook 1.07 is out with new cool features:

1. “Show Details…” button shows additional info on items without leaving search results page
2. Expired postings are no longer shown on the results page
3. “City” and “Category” links on search results page are now clickable
4. “Current Search” block now displays current search parameters Continue reading

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Craiglook 1.06 is out

Next version of Craigslist Search engine is out for beta testing

What’s new
* Added “sort by date” and “sort by price”
* Craiglook now shows number of results matching your search in other nearby cities and other categories
* Users can now mark their searches to not display in “Recent Searches” list
* “Additional Options” are now remembered and set automatically on user’s next login
*Fixed Pipes for New York, DC and many other areas which were showing irrelevant results (thanks to Craigslist readers !) Continue reading

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Top 10 Car Dealer Tricks to Watch For

Not all car dealers are unscrupulous, and not all are going to take you to the cleaners. Among all the “Honest Bobs” out there walking the lots, many really are trustworthy. But there is a simple reason so many people dread buying a new car: the potential for rip-off is astronomical, and common practices over the years have often justified consumers’ fears. If you catch a whiff of any of the scams below, be on alert. Continue reading

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How to: Find giveaways and Free Stuff next door

There’s nothing better than free stuff, and when it comes to free stuff, there’s nothing better than the stuff you can grab by just walking out of your house.
Here I will give you a few tips on how to search for giveaways in your neighborhood – the ones for which you don’t have to drive 50 miles, the ones that are easy to secure and pick up. Continue reading

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Craiglook 1.03 is released

Craiglook is a Web 2.0 Craigslist Search Mashup which combines Craigslist with Google Maps and Yahoo Pipes to help you search and Navigate Craigslist faster… Continue reading

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